Harnessing the power of the sun may ultimately prove the best way to sustain economic and social growth without damaging the environment.

Consumers using solar thermal energy contribute to the rescue of the environment by choosing clean energy, and ensure remarkable cost saving on their daily energy consumption and an increasing independence from their power utility supplier.

In a world which is still dominated by fossil fuels more and more people are not only demanding access to energy, but also asking for clean energy. Solar thermal power systems are able to meet those individual demands for a safe, reliable and clean form of energy all over the world.

This picture is from large scale solar thermal installation in Denmark. Solar thermal has many times larger solar yield than solar PV installations pr sqm. If heat energy is the end product, solar thermal is the best solution.

Concerns about climate change, together with the need to secure energy supplies for the future, mean that the energy chain must become progressively decarbonised as we move forward into the 21st century.

Renewable energy now provides an increasing proportion of the world’s energy demand.  Government support is needed to make them a priority but this is not enough.

An immediate challenge for Provitaz is to ‘build a case’ for solar thermal energy; to develop efficient and cost effective solar products that can be successful even in a competitive, subsidy-free market.

Thats why we are continuing our research and development, planing to launch a completely new and improved solar collector in 2018 together with Innovaz MMC. It will raise the bar, and make our product attractive for international market.