Solar Water Heating Systems

How does it work?

Solar water heating system reduces your energy bill (gas or electricity) by providing you with free solar energy for water heating.

Solar water heating system harvests solar energy through a solar collector which absorbs light and heat from the sun and heats the water that flows through the solar collector. The heated water is transferred to an insulated tank which feeds the building’s water heating system. A solar controller is an electronic device that is used to control the system. It controls a pump to enable the water circulation from the tank to the solar collectors and then back to the tank. The solar controller also controls valves which are used to direct water flow in advanced water heating systems.

The solar water heating is great for homes. Furthermore, any business or facility that needs hot water can benefit from the system, especially if there’s need for large quantities of hot water. Solar water heating is very feasible water heating method for hotels, spas, business centers, restaurants, factories, etc.

The solar collectors are not suitable for providing heat to the regular heating system with radiators. However, if you have underfloor heating system, you can use the solar water heating system to preheat the water that is fed into the gas heater (kombi) and thus reduce the gas consumption.

Appropriately sized systems can provide 60-70% of the annual hot water need.

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