“Provitaz” is short for “Pro Vita Azerbaijan”. This is Latin and means “For Life Azerbaijan”. As a company our aspirations are simply to contribute to a better life in Azerbaijan. The world is full of different technologies and inventions. History makes us well aware that there is such a thing as destructive technologies.  Instead of contributing to a better life they are not environmentally sustainable and in some cases are directly harmful to humans and their surroundings. We always consider the larger picture and help you with technologies and solutions that not only improve your life here and now, but also the life of the generations to come.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice in alternative energy sector in Azerbaijan. We seek to provide alternative energy to everyone in Azerbaijan and thus create savings for households and businesses, as well as save the environment for the children of tomorrow.

Our Values

People, Planet, Profit.

Firstly, we value people, including our customers, staff and everyone else on the planet. Secondly, we value our planet. We show this by providing products, services and technologies that contribute to a healthy and clean environment, in a sustainable way. And lastly, we seek to make profit, in order to be able to grow, employ and serve you better!

Our Team

At Provitaz, we have a great multinational team of experts, working towards getting good quality products and services to you, in an affordable price!